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The National Network on Cuba May Day Brigade 2019


2019 MayDay Brigade Program

National Network on Cuba also has a trip planned for May Day 2019 

Click on the above link for access to their trip application
Application deadline March 15, 2019


APRIL 21st – MAY 5th, 2019

Draft program of the 14th May Day International Brigade of Volunteer Work and Solidarity with Cuba.

Sunday: April 21st 2019 Arrival of delegations
Optionals Activities
17:00 hrs. Departure of the transport from the Institute of friendship with the peoples (ICAP)
towards the “Julio Antonio Mella” International Camp (CIJAM) in Caimito or “Niceto Perez” ANAP Integral Center, at Guira de Melena.

Monday: April 22
06:45 hrs. Wake up call
07:00 hrs. Breakfast
09:30 hrs. Official welcome activity
10:30 hrs. Floral tribute at the monument of Julio Antonio Mella.
11:00 hrs. Information and orientation meeting
11:30 hrs. Lunch
15:00 hrs. Panel “Challenges and new demands of the Cuban society in the face of the 60th anniversary of its Revolution”.
17:30 hrs. Exchange meeting (by countries)
20:00 hrs. Cuban Night

Tuesday: April 23
05:45 hrs. Wake up call
06:15 hrs. Breakfast
07:00 hrs. Departure for productive work.
11:30 hrs. Lunch
15:00 hrs. Conference: Democracy and human rights in Cuba. Results of the referendum on the Constitution.
17:30 hrs. Meeting of the Coordinating Committee (with reps from the different delegations)
18:30 hrs. Dinner.
20:30 hrs Salsa Lessons
Screening of a Cuban film

Wednesday: April 24
05:45 hrs. Wake up call
06:15 hrs. Breakfast.
07:00 hrs. Productive work.
11:30 hrs. Lunch
14:00 hrs. Departure for the mausoleum of the martyrs of Artemisa.
15:00 hrs. Official reception by provincial authorities in the mausoleum. Visit to the mausoleum
16:30 hrs. Presentation of a cultural project at Artemisa’s main park.
17:15 hrs. Free in the city
18:30 hrs. Departure for CIJAM
19:00 hrs. Dinner
21:00 hrs. Exchange meeting (by regions)

Thursday April 25
04:00 hrs. Wake up call
05:30 hrs. Departure for Sancti Spíritus.
Arrival to Santa Clara.
Official reception to the Brigade members by the local authorities in the province and the ICAP representatives at the Ernesto Guevara Revolution Square in Santa Clara and visit to the Museum dedicated to the action against the armored train.
12:30 hrs. Lunch in Santa Clara.
15:00 hrs. Continue the travel to Sancti Spíritus.
17:00 hrs. Official welcome activity by the provincial authorities in the monument to the martyrs from the province.
Accommodation at the hotel “Los Laureles” and “Rancho Hatuey”.
19:00 hrs. Dinner in hotels.
20:00 hrs. Meeting of the Coordinating Committee
21:00 hrs. Cultural activities in hotels.

Friday April 26
07:00 hrs Breakfast.
08:30 hrs Departure to the Yaguajay municipality.
09:30 hrs Welcome at the Camilo Cienfuegos Memorial.
Wreath lying.
Visit to the National Museum of Camilo Cienfuegos.
Exchange with combatants of the Cuban Revolution.
12:30 hrs Lunch at hotel San José del Lago and enjoyment of the place.
16:30 hrs Back to Sancti Spiritus
19:00 hrs Dinner in the hotels.
21:00 hrs Cultural activity – recreation in the city centers.

Saturday: April 27
07:30 hrs Breakfast.
08:30 hrs Visit to 2 cooperatives, where volunteer work activities will be carried out. Tour around the areas of the cooperative and group exchange on sustainable agriculture.
13:00 hrs Lunch in the hotels
15:00 hrs Meeting with representatives of the Cuban Workers Union (CTC)
The Brigade members will exchange with representative of institutions and bodies illustrative of the different trade unions in Cuba.
19:00 hrs Dinner in the hotels.
20:30 hrs Meeting with members of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

Sunday April 28
07:30 hrs Breakfast
08:30 hrs Departure to the city of Trinidad, declared a World Heritage Site.
10:00 hrs Official reception by municipal authorities.
Tour around the historical center of the city.
12:30 hrs Departure towards the Ancon Peninsula and lunch at a hotel there.
Free afternoon to enjoy the beach.
17:30 hrs Return to Sancti Spiritus.
19:00 hrs Dinner in the hotels
20:30 hrs Cultural and recreational farewell activity at the cabaret of Los Laureles hotel.

Monday April 29
08:00 hrs Breakfast
09:00 hrs City tour around Sancti Spiritus
12:00 hrs Lunch at the hotels.
Check out of the hotel
14:00 hrs Departure for CIJAM and ANAP Camps.
20:00 hrs Dinner at the camps

Tuesday April 30
05:45 hrs. Wake up call
06:15 hrs. Breakfast
07:00 hrs. Productive work
11:30 hrs. Lunch
15:00 hrs. Lecture “Cuban economy. Update overview and future challenges”
17:30 hrs. Meeting of the Coordinating Committee.
18:30 hrs. Dinner and rest.

Wednesday May 1st
03:00 hrs Breakfast
04:00 hrs Departure for the Revolution Square.
07:00 hrs Participation on the International May Day parade
At the conclusion of the March return to the CIJAM or: Free time in the city
AMISTUR optionals
16:00 hrs Return to the CIJAM for the brigades who were left in the city from the House of

Thursday May 2
05:30 hrs. Wake up call
05:45 hrs. Breakfast
07:00 hrs. Departure for the Convention Center
Participation in the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba
Lunch at the Convention Center
15:00 hrs. Visit to the Memorial de la Denuncia (memorial dedicated to the victims of terrorism in Cuba) and the Museum of the Revolution
18:30 hrs. Collection of brigade members in the “13 de Marzo” Park, next to the Museum of the Revolution.
19:00 hrs. Dinner and cultural activity at the Friendship House

Friday May 3
07:00 hrs. Breakfast
10:00 hrs. Solidarity meeting. Brigade’s closing activity
12:30 hrs. Lunch
Free time to organize the international night
20:00 hrs. International night

Saturday May 4
07:00 hrs. Breakfast
AMISTUR Optionals
08:30 hrs. Departure to the Old Havana.
10:00 hrs. Join the “Rutas y Andares” (Routes and Pathways) project in the context of the 500 anniversary of the city.
13:00 hrs. Lunch at the Friendship House
Free in the city.
19:00 hrs. Departure for the CIJAM from the Friendship House
20:30 hrs. Dinner

Sunday May 5
The delegations return to their countries.