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2019 Los Rios Community College Federation of Teachers Delegation

  • Day 1. Saturday April 13, 2019

    2:00 pm

    Please plan your  arrival in Havana by 2 pm if you would like to take our  group transfer to the hotel. Or arrive on your own and taxi to your hotel.

    4:00 pm

    Check-In to the hotel Vedado, St. John or the Havana Libre. Both are in a great location in Vedado. It is a 2 star hotel, so the conditions are basic.

    6:00 pm

    Check-In to the hotel Vedado, St. John or the Havana Libre. Both are in a great location in Vedado. It is a 2 star hotel, so the conditions are basic.


    Orientation and Meet and Greet Session.

    Welcome Dinner 
    Meals Included : Dinner

  • Day 2 Sunday April 14, 2019

    9:00 am

    Explanation of the history and development of Havana by an architect/urban planner, explanation of the social and political effects on the development of the Cuban Capital (Miguel Coyula requested).

    11:00 am

    Visit to the Museum of the Revolution.

    12:30 am

     Lunch at a  the Bodequita del Medio in Old Havana

    2:00 pm

    Visit to the "La Niña y el Niño" Community Project, as a neighborhood transformation workshop, where tools are offered to children to become useful and happy people in the future.


    Walking tour of Old Havana and visit to the Taller Graffica.

    Enjoy a guided Walking City Tour of Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Delegates also have time to engage with Cubans at their art studios, galleries and markets where participants will meet with Cuban artists and find out first hand how artist negotiate between the tourist market, a socialist economy and new opportunities for individual entrepreneurship.

    Visit the four major historical squares of Cuba. Historian’s massive efforts to restore Old Havana buildings, attract tourism and new investment, and improve social services for local residents. See buildings and homes in different stages of reconstruction, meet with neighborhood residents. Learn about how tourism impacts economic good.  

    Then enjoy free time in Havana or get dropped off at your hotel.

    6:00 pm

    Break to debrief, swim or relax.

    Dinner and Evening free for your own exploration– we recommend the The Fabrica del Arte if it is open.

    Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 3. Monday, April 15, 2019

    9:00 am

    Engage with ICAP, the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People for a discussion on the current relationship between the US and Cuba.  They will  address the issues associated with the explanation of the critical elements of the constitution project and to emphasize the characteristics of the election process in Cuba.


    Learn about labor history in Cuba and then exchange with members of the Cuban Workers Confederation,  the CTC.


    at El Jardin a cooperative and exchange with their workers.


    Visit to the Capitol and meeting with  representatives of the National Assembly. Learn about Cuba’s electoral process and the Constitution.

    Dinner and Evening free like for cultural activities like live jazz at the Jazz at the Fox and the Crow 

    Meals Included : Breakfast and Lunch

  • Day 4. Tuesday, April 16, 2019

    9:30 am

    Visit to the Palace of the Pioneers to participate in the recreational activities prepared by the Ministry of Education (MINED) for primary and secondary school students during the week of school break.


    Meeting with education union representatives to  exchange about the Education  System in Cuba.



    Visit to a Polyclinic to learn about public health in Cuba.  


    Visit to the Denunciation Memorial

    Dinner and Evening free for cultural activities

    Meals Included : Breakfast and Lunch

  • Day 5 Wednesday, April 17, 2019


    Invited quest to speak at hotel on topic of your choice. Example: Briefing and discussion with the Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity  about Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Cuba. (FANJ) is a cultural and scientific non-governmental institution, dedicated to research and promotion of programs and projects for the protection of the environment as it relates to culture and society meet with Agroecology expert Roberto Perez.

    The rest of the day is free for personal exploration and exchange.  Our guide and team are available to support you but there will be no transportation provided.

    Meals Included : Breakfast

  • Day 6 Thursday, April 18, 2019


    Meeting at a Natural Medicine Clinic to learn about alternative therapies.


    Visit to the Pando Ferrer Hospital where 250,000 corneal transplants are performed per year. Exchange with specialists.

    12:30 pm



    Learn about biotechnology advancements in Cuba during a visit to either the Centro de Biotecnología or the  Instituto de Neurociencia.

    3:30 pm

    Visit to the Literacy Museum and learn about the campaign to end illiteracy in Cuba. It is a model that has been emulated internationally.

    6:30 pm

    Dinner is free, but we will make a  reservation at El Pastor Divino


    We  are off to explore the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana. At the time of its construction in the 1770s it was the largest fort the Spanish had ever built, as well as the most costly. Following the occupation by the British, who used this location to secure the port for their side, the Spanish set about building Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana.  Here you can see the Command Headquarters of 'Che’ Guevara Then at 9 pm see the Canon Firing Ceremony.

    Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 7 Friday, April 19, 2019

    8:00 am

    Visit to ElAM  to meet with some of the medical students here.

    10:30 am

    We are off for the provinces of Matanzas  known for its AfroCuban culture and legacy is called the “City of Bridges” or the Athens of Cuba We stop at the Bacunayagua Bridge on way to Matanzas town.

    1:00 pm


    3:00 pm

    Exchange with the union of tourism workers in the pole of Matanzas-Varadero . If time permits visit to the Slave Route museum and tour San Severino.

    Return to Havana.


    Farewell dinner at La Casa de La Amistad.

  • Day 8 Saturday, April 20, 2019


    Check out and depart for the airport.



    Meals Included : Breakfast

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This Trip and Delegation is open to members of The Los Rios Federation of Teachers, their families and friends .

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