·       AIRPORT TRANSFER: Please take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi ride is 30CUC per taxi. We’ll try to let you know if others are arriving at the same time so that you can share a taxi.

 ·       Arrival Complications: We don't expect any problems, and nor should you, but if for any reason you are unable to commence your trip as scheduled, please contact AltruVista and/or the hotel ASAP, requesting that you speak to or leave a message for us.  

       contact information:

 In Cuba: Cicely Sanchez , Cuba Program Director

011-535-297- 3417 Or 011- 53- 5483-3137

Bill Camp/Roz Meyers, BRWCL

(916) 612-9999 or

Hotel Vedado, Calle O, entre 23 y 25 Vedado, Habana

+53 7 8333740


In US:

AltruVistas: Malia Everette  (510) 290-0573

Natalia Poida (503) 839-9934


Nancy Yamada (415) 484-9948 o

Chris Bender (916) 612-1007




There are many advantages to traveling with a group. First, you will meet people/organizations with whom you would not have otherwise meet on your own. Secondly, you will benefit from the questions and input of your fellow travelers and have the opportunity to discuss issues with people from various backgrounds and experiences. Finally, upon your return home, you will have a network of people with whom you have shared this unique experience.

Another advantage is that you will be sharing views and perspectives from diverse backgrounds.  Please be courteous to your fellow delegates, our country hosts, wait staff, and hotel staff. We must be sensitive to the social/power relations between economics status, men and women, white and non-white, and ageism not only among the people we meet, but among your fellow travelers as well.

Please remember that during this entire trip, you are a representative of BRWCL. Whether you are taking part in a planned activity or on your own free time, your words and actions will reflect on the group. Please remember that we are guests of the country; it is best to approach each new situation with an open mind.