Despite the US reversion to pre-Obama era restrictions on Cuban travel, our professional delegations continue to be included in one of the categories for legal travel to Cuba. The Building Relations with Cuban Labor movement has four achievable goals. First, is to bring awareness to the economic and social situation in Cuba. Second, is to eliminate the economic blockade that the United States government has imposed upon Cuba. Third, is to close the US military base in Guantanamo Bay and return the land to Cuba. Fourth, is to protect the right of US and Cuban citizens to travel to and from Cuba the same as the other Caribbean countries.   

Steps to Achievement of Purpose

This is a detailed list laying out specific steps when accomplished will complete our purpose.

  • Gain the support of the Labor Councils/Unions of California.

  • Send Labor Delegates and Union Activist to Cuba to get a firsthand experience.

  • Bring overall awareness of how the United States Economic embargo on Cuba is affecting real people.

  • Use the California based US Representatives and Senators to start a conversation in Congress about the four goals listed above.